"You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out. It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done?"

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Broox' Birth Story

I know, I know. I keep promising updates and then I never follow through. MANnnn...I really need to get back into blogging! Well, we'll start here, with Broox-y-Boy's official BIRTH STORY! Enjoy!

Monday, May 18th. In an effort to make a bit more progress, I took the kids to the mall Monday morning. We met Amie and the boys and let the kids play. I got SOME walking in, but managed to get a few last minute things done as well. At 37 weeks pregnant, I was exhausted and by the time I got the kiddos home we all napped for a couple hours. That afternoon I had an appointment with my Dr. and was hoping that we would set an induction date for the following week. When I got there and asked, my Dr. said he wanted to wait until I was a bit closer to 39 weeks rather than 38 to induce. Blah! Then, he checked my progress and I was 4 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. He asked if I wanted him to strip my membranes, which I did. WHOA NELLY...that hurt...BAD! I don't remember it hurting when my membranes were stripped with Lilee, so I was excited that things might progress after I left. My Dr. was sure that he would see me that night, although, that is EXACTLY what I was told with Lilee and nothing ever happened. Well, I left the office, had a few contractions, but a LOT of errands to run. By the time I made it to Walmart I was having some pretty intense contractions and they seemed to be getting into a pattern. I made it home and after a few hours of contracting and walking around the block and losing patterns and losing intensity and gaining intensity...we decided to head to the hospital and see what they wanted us to do. We put the kids to bed and had Seth's brothers come over to hang out while the kids slept. We got to the hospital about 9pm and I was hooked up to all the monitors. They showed that I was contracting, but they weren't consistent. We decided to walk the halls a bit and see if things would pick up. Walked and walked. No progress made. I was CONVINCED they would send me home like they did with Lilee. Seth and I packed up all our stuff and waited for the nurse to come and tell us we could go home. I wasn't nearly as upset as I was waiting for Lilee since I had prepared myself for this outcome. BOY WERE WE SHOCKED when the nurse came in and said that my Dr. was on call that night and decided to admit me and break my water. We just had to wait for a Labor and Delivery room to open up.

About 12 midnight it was GO TIME. My nurse came in and introduced herself, followed by the anesthesiologist who was a riot. I loved both of them. Then, my Dr. came in, broke my water and said, "don't push until you see my face"...that was the last we saw of him until the big arrival. The anesthesiologist was back in the room within minutes and I had my epidural about 10 minutes later. It was the FIRST epidural that worked instantly and completely the way it should. I had to keep asking if I was actually contracting because I couldn't feel any contractions. This was new to me. The plan, since I was dilated and effaced, was to get my station(how far down the baby's head is) a little more progressed. Broox was still VERY high. After getting my epi, I was going to be sat up and let gravity do it's thing the best it can with an epidural. That plan changed when my blood pressure dropped significantly. The epidural can have an effect on blood pressure and apparently, mine was dropping. They tried some things and eventually ended up giving me some medicine to help raise my bp. That was just the beginning. The medicine they gave me seemed to start having an effect on Broox' heart rate. It began to plummet. It was really pretty scary when your nurse tells you that if they can't get it down, they will have to move to the operating room "just in case". I was immediately put on oxygen and laid on my left side...all things hoping to increase his heart rate. From this point on, laboring was slow and scary. The nurse never left our room because she didn't want something to "happen on her watch". SCARY. I was scared for myself, but more scared for the little bub inside. Nothing like this has ever happened before and I was trying not to panic myself.

Just before 4 am the nurse checked me and I was dilated to 6cm. They nurse was so excited for my progress, but I was DEFEATED! I gave birth to Lilee in 4 hours FLAT...and it was coming up on 4 hours and I was only at a 6?! I was scared I'd be in labor all night! FIVE minutes later, I began to feel sick and "different". I asked the nurse to check me again and when she did, she looked SHOCKED and said, the baby is RIGHT there. In 5 minutes time, I had gone from a 6 to complete, fully dilated and the baby went from a negative 2 station to a POSITIVE 4, which is just about crowning. It was insane.

They informed me that my Dr. was AT HOME...yikes...but they called him. NOT pushing was something VERY new to me. It was something sorta unnatural. My body wanted this kid out...Broox WANTED OUT! FINALLY, my Dr. showed up and it was show time. About 3 pushes later and out came his head! Seth said that the cord was wrapped around his neck and the Dr. had to unwrap it...this is probably what was causing his heart rate to drop. 2 more pushes after that, and Broox was laying on my chest getting cleaned off. It was about 30 seconds later that the nurse "reminded" the Dr. that we didn't know the sex of the baby. He quickly pulled off the blankets and said, "it's a boy"...to which Seth and I both said, "WHAT?" We were surprised that Broox was here, but so grateful for another little man to join our family! He was perfect and SO STINKIN' CUTE! And there you have it...another quick delivery, another GORGEOUS Becker Boy to make our lives more beautiful! We love you little man!!


Mark and Karen said...

The end of your story sounded so much like my delivery with Lauren. I was dialated to a 7 or 8 but the nurses stretching and checking sent me immediatly to 10 with her head coming out. The nurse stayed there with her hand pushing back on Lauren's head to keep her in for two contractions until the doctor came in. Lauren also had her cord wrapped around 3 times which was making her heart rate drop.

I'm so glad Broox came safely. How do you pronounce his name?

The Becker Bunch said...

It's pronounced like Brooks. Seth wanted a name that sounded TOUGH...and he felt that having an "X" in the name would make it TOUGH! Silly boys!

The Kinsey Posse said...

Oh this makes me want a baby soooo bad! I LOVED being prego and the whole labor experience...but then I read your most recent blog and I realize...perhaps I'm not meant to have 2 toddlers and an infant at the same time, I have a hard time as it is with only 2!

The Carney Family said...

Thanks for your story! I was curious about the whole event and how it went. I've always had to be induced so I don't know what the feeling is to go into labor. You are pretty brave to be out and about doing errands knowing you are contracting. What an exciting time. Congratulations on your little Broox!