"You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out. It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done?"

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, September 29, 2008


I cannot believe that I started this blog to announce the arrival of our little BEAUTY to the world! I cannot believe that she is ONE YEAR OLD already! Lilee turned ONE on Saturday!! Where has the time gone?! I also cannot remember what life was like before she blessed our family with her presence! What a gift she has been...we love her!!

Lilee is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen...I know I am biased, but it's also just the truth!!:)

Lilee has an infectious laugh and smile...she has started to give this super cheeser smile where she squints her eyes and shows her teeth!!

Lilee and Keaton are best friends...I can't believe how well they get along despite her being only one! She plays with him like a pro and has become quite the "car" girl. She can "vroom" with Keaton all day long!!

Lilee is a sweetheart...she smacks her lips to give kisses, will smooch any baby she sees, and she gives the most gigantic hugs for a one year old...we love our little snuggle bug!

Lilee is DRAMA...we knew having a girl would be krazy when she was 13, but 1? :) Lilee can fake cry/scream like she's 3!! Everything is the end of the world, but she is that much happier when we "fix" the problem!!

Lilee is such a hoot...she does the most random and funny things sometimes it is just hilarious!! Sometimes she stands on her head to watch everyone, or when you are talking to her she will start shaking her head NO and then crawl away!!:)

Lilee is STUBBORN..wowza. She CAN walk...absolutely, she has been standing up and walking around furniture since she was 6 months old...but Lilee WON'T walk. When you stand her up, she doesn't fall, she sits!! She knows she is a master crawler and absolutely refuses to get from A to B walking! I keep telling her that a 16 year old going on their first date may not have many more when they crawl to the car!!:)

Lilee is precious!! She has brought such joy to our family and our life is SO much more enriched to have her with us! We all adore her and are excited to watch her grow!

22lbs and 10oz=50-75th%
32 inches long=off the charts!
Here are my favorite pictures of Lilee!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


This week has just been insane! I wanted to get my pictures up on Monday...no such luck...Tuesday was worse! Wednesday got away from me and here we are on Thursday and I'm bound and determined to get our Disneyland Vacation up and out there for the world to see...okay maybe it's just like 2 of you who take a gander at this here blog every so often...mom!!:)
Either way...let us begin!!!
We left at 5am on Thursday morning...boy do I NOT do mornings, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Keat didn't sleep, and Lilee took a little snooze just before stopping for breakfast! It was the perfect time to stop because the kids got to get out, but there was still a good hour and a half to drive so they BOTH slept all the way to the hotel! We stayed at a hotel that we stayed at before and found out that it was undergoing some construction. Oh well...because of the upheaval...they provided breakfast every morning, a shuttle to another hotel's pool and other little goodies that we really didn't take advantage of!! It was great! We also talked them into giving us a free refrigerator...Yahoo!! Got slightly unpacked, organized the backpacks, and boarded the shuttle to Disneyland about noon. Keat was so excited we thought he might just pee his pants...oh wait, he did...good thing he's still in diapers!!:) The park was DEAD! It was wonderful...we got to go on ALL the kiddie rides that are usually so ridiculously packed we've never even TRIED to wait in line! The kids loved it and were so great!! We stayed till about 7 that night and then went and got a quick bite to eat. While there, Keaton showed us that he can sleep WHILE sitting completely upright...it was hilarious...poor tired little guy!
He RAN up to Buzz and gave him a hug...it was SO cute...we didn't even tell him to...a boy and his HERO!!

Riding the cars...you can only see the top of his head!!:)
Meeting Mickey...Keat was SO happy
He gave him a BIG kiss on the nose...so cute!

Aren't they SO cute?!

Next day, Friday, we were on the shuttle to D-land by 9am. We did CA Adventures this time and Keat had a GREAT time on the new Toy Story Mania ride...it's definitely a new favorite of the Becker Family...hands down! It was H.O.T. and while there they have a little splash pad in the Bugs Life area. Keat was SOAKED!! Wish we'd brought his flip flops THAT DAY! His shoes were dripping, socks were undryable, diaper burst from being so wet...it was insane. We eventually had to buy $12 socks just so his feet didn't peel right off from being so pruny! The day really kinda got away from us...it was a lot of fun. We watched the Pixar parade at CA A and the fireworks at the end of the night at D land! The kids had pretty much had it by then and we were all eager to get back to the hotel! LOooooooooooNG wonderful day!
Keaton thought it was Mickey again...he figured it out pretty fast though!!

They have this whole area to just climb around and such...Keat loved it!

This is how we got such good seats for the parade...they slept and we ATE for an hour!! It couldn't have worked out more perfectly!!:)
Saturday, we got ready and met some friends at Newport Beach! IT WAS AWESOME!! I forgot how much I loved the beach when I was younger. Last year we took Keat to the beach and he HATED the water, LOVED the sand...it is truly what inspired us to build him his sand box! Well, when we pulled up to park, he saw the water and yelled, THE BEACH! We didn't know he knew what it was...and then he said, "it's a sandbox"!! So funny! Incidentally, when we came back home and he looked at his sand box, he said, "no beach"! :) Well, this year was TOTALLY different. Keat ran so fast into the ocean we could barely catch him and eventually fell completely under. Didn't phase him...he loved it! Lilee INSISTED on CRAWLING in, she didn't want us to "walk" her in...she wanted to do it on her own...and she did! She'd crawl as fast as she could, when a wave came in, she'd turn her back to it so it wouldn't splash her face, then as soon as it went back out, she'd crawl further into the water!! How did I get such dare devils!?
Look how EAGER my kids are. This is Lilee before we thought she'd even wanna go in...notice the cute outfit, NO swimsuit...yeah, wait to see how she ended up!

I LURVE this picture of my cuties!!

Despite my booty sticking WAY out, I love this photo of our cute little family!!
Awwwww...cute cute cute!

And HERE is how she ended up!!:)

That night my friends were gracious enough to let us stay at their house...even through Lilee's fits at night...really, Lilee's sleeping was the ONLY downside of the whole trip! We all got up and my friend Ashley suggested that we go to this Apple Orchard up in the mountains...we are SO glad we did! It was one of my favorite parts of the trip...it was so incredible to be at the beach one day and the CA mountains the next...it felt like FALL, we even got to put sweaters on the little girls!! It was awesome! The boys picked apples and berries, which are DELICIOUS, and we all just had a great time! THANKS again Ashley and Jake for showing us such a good time. Sorry again for the horrendous dining experience and long night...we'll know better next time than to take a child who hasn't had a nap AND spent the entire day at the beach to a nice restaurant!!:) After the apple picking, we packed up and headed home! We got home later than planned but it was expected!! It really was a GREAT VACATION!! We can't wait to go back!!
Lilee and Ashley's little lady, Ella
Just Monkeying around!!

Keat rode the horse ALL BY HIMSELF...he was so cute!
Ashley and Ella...this picture needs to be FRAMED!



Best Buddies

Me and Ash...thanks again guys!!
*****DISCLAIMER*****If you liked or even LOVED the bows you have seen in today's post, be sure to check out the link to Ashley's blog(ashley and jake). THERE, you will find a link to her WONDERFUL site where you can buy her VERY reasonably priced bows...she whipped two up for Lilee in 5 minutes flat!! She's amazing!

Monday, September 22, 2008

just stoppin' by...

We are BAaaaaaaaaaCK...from another FUN FILLED Disneyland Vacation...this time we brought the kids!! I have LOTS to do and MORE to unpack...I'll be back to update everyone!!

OH...my BABY IS GOING TO BE ONE ON SATURDAY...WAaaaaaaaaaa!! So sad! :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My mom is blogging this...

Okay...how many of you that thought you'd NEVER get into blogging are now TOTALLY and COMPLETELY obsessed?! Oh yeah! I am in that bunch also. I have a friend who runs his own T-shirt making business...if you've seen or own one of the shirts we got for our "Leaping for Logan" March of Dimes team, you know how good he is! Well, the other day I came across a shirt that said,

"My Mom is Blogging This"

That has GOT to be the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I've GOT to have one. Well, Richard can make them, any style or color shirt and lettering. Of course, they are MUCH more affordable if many people buy them.

SOooo, here are my questions...If I have him make the screen to fit child shirts and even onsies(I think), would you buy them?! I am thinking I would like one for Keat AND Lilee. Do we do a girl color shirt with black lettering AND a boy color shirt with black lettering, or go neutral with a white or grey color shirt and different color lettering?

Post in my comment box if you would like one, the size and your ideas for color! If we get enough people to get the shirts down to a doable price then I'll let you all know and I'll get the order in.

*I am NOT making a profit from these, just so you know, I just am trying to get the price of the shirt down a bit by having more people order the same shirt.

**Remember, these could be a great Christmas/Birthday gift for fellow blogging addicts that we all know!!

Our "buddy"

Whenever Keaton and daddy get together you can be sure two things are happening...lots of FUN and lots of the word "BUDDY"! Since Keat was born, Seth has called him buddy when they are goofing around or whatever. "can you get such and such buddy"..."Thanks, buddy"..."I'm gonna get ya buddy"!

Well, lately, Keat has turned the tables and calls both of us BUDDY all the time...it's so cute!! If you ask him for something or if you do something he has asked, he replies, "Here ya go, buddy"..."Thank you buddy"!! I catch him all the time and say, "who am I"...I have to remind him that I'm MOMMY, not BUDDY!! He really is our little buddy though!

So much more independent and SUCH a dare devil. The kid is not afraid of anything...except a dark room or tunnel!! He's the first to concoct some krazy scheme of "flying" or tumbling or just about anything. Luckily(did I just say that) for us, Lilee is the same way, so the two of them can spend hours together laughing their heads off as Keat dances around the room falling into any and everything!! When she is sturdy on her feet, we're gonna be in trouble.
Yep, that's right...Lilee is STILL NOT WALKING!!

The little goof has been standing up and "walking" around furniture since she was SIX months old...she can TOTALLY walk if she wanted to...and she has even taken as many as 4 steps (1st step taken on September 4th) and can stand alone for however long...BUT SHE JUST WON'T WALK!! I know I'm gonna get about a dozen posts about how it's a good thing and it's better that she not walk now...blah blah blah!! I want her to walk. She's at the point where she doesn't want to crawl, she wants to hold onto my fingers and walk, so just get 'er done already!!

I really wanted her to be walking by her 1st birthday, so we've got less than 2 weeks!! tick tock tick tock!! She's so stubborn, she could be crawling when she is 16!! We love her though...she's just the sweetest little lady. And she's still cute as EVER!!

I love my kids...how did I get so blessed?! What did I do to deserve such wonderful little people in my life?! I always knew that motherhood was something I wanted to experience, but who knew it would be "THE" experience of my life...the most important thing to ever happen to me.
I'm so grateful for my little family...so grateful for the chaos(it means we are healthy and happy)...so grateful for the tight money(it means we have LOTS and are able to share)...so grateful for the headache(it means I get more kisses from my kids and I can appreciate life more when it's over)...and so grateful for my role as a mother(of course, it helps to have the most supportive man in the world by my side encouraging me each day that this is the greatest calling in the world...I love you Seth)!