"You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out. It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done?"

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Lots of catch up to do...

So much has been going on and we've been so busy that it's been difficult finding the time to post as much as I'd like. Here's my BEST attempt to catch everyone up on the Becker's! Check back in a day or so for pictures!!

SETH: After not getting the job in WA, we were pretty bummed about our prospects and about advancing at UOP(university of Phoenix). We had faith that things would work out, but admittedly, not the faith we should have had. Lesson Learned. Two weeks ago, Seth was called into his boss' boss' office to "chat". He figured that another management position was opening up and they were considering him for an interview or something of the sort. The NEXT day, the managers were all having a meeting and asked Seth to join them, joked around a little, and then after Seth showed signs of confusion, told Seth that the current enrollment team he was on was splitting into two teams and if he wanted the position...HE WAS THE NEW MANAGER. What a blessing. It is the best possible scenario in that there was NO interview...NO new team to prove himself towards...and NO new managers to figure out. It truly is the best outcome and we feel so blessed and humbled that things worked out so well. It was a reminder to us that our Heavenly Father is always aware of us and our situations. While we still would LOVE to get out of AZ, we have ALWAYS felt it was necessary for Seth to have management experience to add to his resume to better his chances in the marketing/advertising career field. We have learned to put certain priorities first, such as family and our relationship with Heavenly Father and everything else will be taken care of. Seth is enjoying his new position and Nikki is getting used to the longer hours. We both know it is the best thing for us at this time in our lives!!:) At least we know where we'll be for the next year for sure and possibly longer.
NIKKI: Can you teach an old dog new tricks? That is the question I've been asking myself. I think I have decided that I would like to pursue a nursing degree. The semester before starting my student teaching I told Seth that I didn't EVER want to teach...he made me finish my degree! I am grateful for that push(I am so happy to have a completed degree) however, I would like to have something I enjoy to fall back on if I need to. I've thought about my options for a LooooooooooooONG time and I truly think I would really love nursing. More specifically, I would love to be a labor and delivery or NICU nurse. However, both of those have the longest "intern" program. I have a friend who is a NICU nurse and has given me lots to think about. Right now we are trying to decide if it is in our families best interest for me to pursue this desire NOW or wait until our kids are older. Anybody have any experience in nursing?! I'm looking for any advice you've got!
KEATON: The stitches are out!!! YEAH!! Stay tuned for pictures. He still has some obvious scarring, but we are hoping Mederma will clear that up! He doesn't seem to be AFRAID of dogs. He talks about when "the dog bite his owie"...when the dog bit his nose and gave him an owie!! However, he doesn't get scared when he sees dogs and really doesn't seem bothered by them at all, thank goodness. He's been a trooper and we are glad that saga is over!!:) He is such a fun little guy. He is talking more lately and truly is coming a LOoooooooNG way. I think we will try REALLY hard starting Monday to get the kid potty trained. It's time. Mom's ready, Dad's ready, and we're just hoping Keat's ready!!:) TIPS??!! I'm scared. I was scared about potty training when I found out we were pregnant!!! :) Really. NE one wanna do it for me?!
LILEE: Well, we had a visit with the pediatric urologist on Tuesday. She indeed has kidney reflux. After talking about our options, we agreed that it would be best for Lilee to have a surgery called DEFLUX to correct the problem. It's an outpatient surgery and we have one of the BEST pediatric urologists working on her. Of course, ANY SURGERY is scary, and we are nervous...but as I mentioned, we feel it is best. She has to be closer to the age of one in order to have bladder surgery so she won't get it done until September. Until then she will be on antibiotics to keep her from getting more kidney infections/urinary tract infections. Apparently she has this reflux on BOTH sides which is pretty rare. Without the meds, the Dr. said she would definitely get sick again before the surgery, so we are doing our best to get her to choke down the meds each day. She is PRO at shaking her head at me when she sees it coming and is even better at spitting, gagging, or down right throwing it up within minutes. OH THE JOYS!! We'll survive. Aside from difficulty taking medicine...she is a DOLL!! She's this close to walking...but just hasn't figure it out yet. I think in another month or so maybe! Her and Keat are SO cute when they play now...they just laugh at each other all day...I love it!!
SO, that's the latest and greatest! We're busy, but lovin' life and enjoying our family. We will most likely put our home up for sale sometime after summer is over. With the price of homes so low we might as well take advantage if we can sell our house. And, if we can't, no big deal! We do need to get into something bigger eventually, but we have the time. If you know anyone who wants to move...send them our way. :) We are also hoping to buy a minivan sometime soon...of course that means we are also hoping to get pregnant soon to add to that minivan. We'd love it if we were expecting by 2009. Life is krazy, why not add another baby to the mix?!! :) As I keep mentioning...keep an eye out for pictures. I need to get them posted soon...so check back!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I got this idea from a friend when she celebrated her anniversary and I'm gonna steal it...





*COMPLETED 3 DEGREES (2 Bachelors and 1 Masters)


*4 PROMOTIONS (Not me...I'm still at my regular pay, but I wouldn't have it any other way)



It was the HOTTEST day of the year so far...our FIRST stop after pictures was the Circle K by the Temple...in our suit and dress and all...the people working just laughed when we bought a GIANT thirst buster!

After looking at my list, I'm not sure it details all the amazing things that have happened these past 5 years...WOW, FIVE YEARS!! It doesn't seem that long...I can't remember a time when I didn't love Seth...it seems so natural! I sometimes believe I was BORN to be with that man! Totally sappy, but "he completes me"...more like he COMPLIMENTS me. He is my perfect partner in crime! We feed off of each other to get things done and I believe that is what a marriage is meant to be like. We are a very equal partner relationship and I'm grateful that Seth is that way. He helps me do SO much around the house and he is always doing so much more than I expect! He loves me...so unconditionally. He wants me to be everything that I can be and what's more is that he wants me to be what HE KNOWS I can be! He believes in me. We have had a wonderful 5 years...not an EASY 5 years by any means, but wonderful none the less. I don't think marriage should necessarily be EASY...especially the first 5 years. It's work. It takes patience, long suffering, adaptability, thick skin sometimes, and lots and lots of love! We haven't always excelled at all of those all the time, but one thing we have always kept in our hearts is LOVE! My love for Seth has NEVER dwindled...it has never wavered...and it has only grown to a capacity I was unaware existed 5 years ago! I am grateful to know that we will be together for ETERNITY! What a blessing to know that our love can continue on FOREVER! He's the only man I want to spend FOREVER with!! I love you, Sethee-Poo!! You are my rock, you are my light...and I cannot IMAGINE my life without you!

Our First Institute Dance

Right after Seth proposed...Eater Sunday
Engagement Photos...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We Busted Out!!

That's right...WE ARE HOME!!! I have never in my life been more excited to be back at home, in my own bed, in my own shower, with my own food, my own privacy, just my own family!! It has been such a trying time for us and we are so grateful for all of our friends and family who have kept us in their prayers each day! This experience has taught me so much about myself and I've learned a great deal about what to hold near and dear. I think I take for granted the fact that myself and my children are "healthy". I think I don't realize what a stressful experience it is for parents to watch their kids suffer day after day after day! It's the worst pain I've ever felt...mainly because it's not my own...I can't control what they feel and I can't stop it from happening. In high school I remember answering the following question..."WHAT IS ONE OF THE WORST FEELINGS?" Back then I answered "helplessness." I believe that I have faced my fears this past week and I am no closer to conquering them than I was when I was 16. So many times I just wanted to yell at the Dr's and make them stop or get them to "fix" my baby or I was angry that Heavenly Father wouldn't just let Keaton get better. It didn't take long, however, to look around the other hospital rooms and realize who had been there a week, two weeks, a month...I just cannot imagine! I began to feel lucky. Lucky that there were Dr's who were there and knowledgeable to "fix" my baby in time. Lucky that I had family and friends who were there to help us sort through the madness of the week and there to lift our spirits. I especially felt LUCKY that Heavenly Father cared enough to send me a precious child to bring me joy. I realized at the PUREST degree that Keaton, as are all of my kids, TRULY ARE Heavenly Father's children. He has BLESSED me with their presence and I feel grateful for whatever that blessing brings...even if it is worrying and praying that they are okay. I cannot explain the peace that came with that realization. Even though I am SURE, 100% POSITIVE, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT KNOW that motherhood will bring me MANY more days of worry and many more days of suffering on my child's behalf, I also know, with complete ASSUREDNESS, that it will be worth it. In the end, watching my child grow and be happy will bring me the greatest joy I could ever know. It already has!
Okay, enough rambling. Here are some pics. First, the bad, then the good!!
Here is Keaton BEFORE the incident:

Here is Keaton the morning AFTER:

Here he is at the hospital on Saturday afternoon:
His face was just morphed so bad from the swelling...he didn't look like the same kid!
And here he is TODAY: Cheetos and all!!

BEFORE everything happened, we actually had a REALLY great time up in Mayer with my parents!! It was a great relaxing trip!
Grandma and Lilee

Every night my dad would read Keaton a "bedtime story"...they are reading HEMMINGS magazine...it is of classic cars for sale. Keat LOVED it...look how enthralled they BOTH are!
Our PRETTY LITTLE PRINCESS on the deck outside...it was beautiful!

My cute munchkins!!

Look at those devil eyebrows!!

I just loved this picture...he's in deep thought...so peaceful!

TIRED little lady after a day at the pool!

BUT...not tired enough to keep from TACKLING daddy...

Although...I think he has the UPPER hand on this one!!
FUN times in the grass!!

We had a great time at grandma and grandpa's house!! We played in the sprinklers, went to the swimming pool, watched movies, met some new friends, ate some great food, and had a lot of fun just being together!! We love this 4th of July tradition we've started(3rd year in a row now)...hopefully next year won't end with such a BITE...errr...bang!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Fireworks Needed

Things sure went out with a bang for the 4th!! It's been a whirlwind since Friday. Long story short...Keat was bitten by a dog Friday evening, he had three lacerations that required seven stitches in his face. A shot of antibiotics later and we thought the worst was over (believe me...it was the WORST...it was just aweful seeing those stitches in my baby) and then he woke up on Saturday and had some swelling. By noon, his swelling had spread from his wounds to his cheek and his right side of his face was red and puffy. He didn't look anything like himself...he was totally disfigured...it was so sad. We took him to the ER and they admitted him. They started an IV (again, it was just aweful) and he took a ride in an ambulance to Thunderbird Hospital (they have a pediatric ward here) and we've been here ever since. We are waiting to talk to the Dr. and see how many more nights we'll have to stay...but HOPING to go home today sometime!! Say prayers that my sweet boy will get better quickly that his infection will heal and his wounds won't cause him pain or discomfort!! We have our cell phones if anyone needs to contact us!! I'll update soon!!

UPDATE on Lilee: Her tests came back and she indeed has a UTI...she is on antibiotics until we can get her in for testing and ultrasounds. One step at a time I guess!! Continued prayers for her would be great as well!! Thanx!