"You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out. It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done?"

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day tripper...

A few weeks ago we decided to take off and head to Sedona for a few hours. Years ago, just after we were married, Seth and I found this hiking spot in Oak Creek that was PHENOMENAL!! Seriously, it was beautiful! So, we asked our good friends, the Goodman's, to join us and we all packed into the van!
For days leading up to us going, Seth would talk about the last time we went and how it rained on us and the colors were just gorgeous and blah blah blah!! Well, we find the spot, and get in a somewhat long line of cars waiting to park. Apparently, the lot was full, so people were just waiting in line as people left. Also, right as we get there, it starts to sprinkle. Soon, the rain picks up, and the line moves faster as people are coming back from hiking and getting outta the rain. We all packed lunches so we start eating...thinking the rain will quit soon, it IS Arizona, right?
After about an hour of being stifled, (remember, I'm newly pregnant, and being in a car with 4 adults and two kids is stifling!!) we decide to head back up to Sedona and walk around, sad to leave the hike behind. We begin to drive and find a spot to get out and look, so we do, it's the first time we've been outta the car in a while, and see that the rain that WAS where we just were is NOW heading to where we are NOW!! Make sense?!
Well, we figure if the rain is moving, we should go back to "the spot"! We turn around, go back and park, and the rain has let up!! YEAH, long story short, we had a WONDERFUL time and got some OKAY pictures.
Guess what Santa is bringing us this year...oh yeah, a brand new camera!!
So, enjoy the photos, sorry more didn't turn out!!






Rochelle said...

Oh the blue eyes on that little girl!!!!!!! She's too cute! Great pics..I'm also getting a camera from santa. My nice one broke when it got dropped at D-land. I seriously cried. How do you blog with no pics? impossible I say!

andreamatrix said...

Oh man! Those leaves are gorgeous! I think your pictures are great!

Joey Clements said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Your kids are so cute! They have gorgeous eyes!

Kristi said...

W.F. is one of our fav's too!!! LOVE it - and it is such a great one with kids! Next time call us - we would love to head down there for a hike with ya! Esp. if my funny cousin is there I have not seen in a zillion years!

Mark and Karen said...

I love Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona! My favorite places to visit in Arizona in the fall.

Ren & Anna said...

Lilee is so beautiful! Oh my goodness. I love her little sweater.

Mandi said...

Thats one of the spots we like to hike too. Have you hiked past the big waterfall before? That's as far as we went, but we managed to make it across all the river crossings without any accidents.

Ryan and Chelsea said...

That place looks beautiful! We should take a day trip some time. Thanks for the idea!

mshjwj said...

Looks like a very pretty place! We really need to get out more!

Lorelei Barker said...

Your kiddos are GORGEOUS...and of course I LOVE the sweater! Hope to see you at the art fair on Friday!