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~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why it's best to talk to the Doctor...

I have a tendency to freak out, overreact, jump to conclusions...and it has only gotten worse since having my children. I want only the best for them and when I feel as though they (or myself) have been cheated in any way, I attack!!
After writing the post about Lilee's surgery, and reading all the concerned comments, I realized that I needed to talk to a Dr. and figure out exactly what went wrong. SO, I called. I talked to a nurse. I felt like I was getting the run around. I panicked and went on defense mode. Another nurse called me. I told her I needed answers and I needed them now. Another nurse called me, "I have Dr. Argueso here right now, would you like to talk to him?" OF COURSE I WOULD!! I was a bit nervous at first. When Dr. Argueso handled Keat's surgery when he was a baby, I loved him. He was awesome. Dealing with him this time in the office for Lilee was a little less than desired. I already had a bad taste in my mouth and was worried he wouldn't be honest with me. BOY WAS I WRONG. HE WAS FABULOUS!! I told him what I had understood by what he had told me. HE APOLOGIZED to ME and said that when he gets in the zone of doing surgeries(they do a TON in a row right after each other on Monday and Fridays) he often forgets to give parents all the details that they need. He also told me later that 80% of his job is dealing with concerned moms and that he has been married 28 years and he KNOWS the mind of a woman and he completely understood my worry. He was happy to set the record straight!! It was great to get some better answers. So, here is what I know!
Lilee's "condition" did NOT get WORSE. It is still a level 2. When they go in for surgery, it is like another test that they can't do any other way than going in. During Lilee's surgery, they discovered that Lilee had no "branches" to her ureters. This is what he meant when he told us that "it went all the way up". What they do during a DEFLUX(which is what Lilee's surgery is called) is inject a liquid into the branches to inflate them and create a barrier to keep the urine from splashing into the kidneys. However, if you don't have the branches to inflate, it creates much more difficulty, which is what happened in Lilee's case. That is why we have to get her tested again for REFLUX in 2 months. If it has gone away, GREAT...the DEFLUX worked and we're good to go. If it hasn't, we will need to resort to open surgery to go in and actually CORRECT the problem. Dr. Argueso told me that you kind of have to look at the DEFLUX procedure as a stepping stone. It is just another "step" in finding out what to do. So, hopefully it works and we don't have to go back and put Lilee through any more.
Prayers are still very welcome! It's great to know Lilee is in good hands and that she is being cared for in the best possible way! There's the update!!
In other news, the migraine is gone...after 5 days of the yuckies, it is COMPLETELY GONE!! I got in to see a neurologist. We will be running some tests to figure out if everything is okay and the best way to treat me. Unfortunately, we'll have to put our baby making attempts on hold for the moment to get all the tests done. I know Heavenly Father has a plan and this is just part of it for us. It will happen when it is meant to happen.


Rochelle said...

Sounds like a nice doc! I'm glad everything is going better...you're still in our prayers.

Ashley said...

Hey Nikki! Not sure if you remember me from Flag or not. Ashley Shakespear, although, its not Shakespear anymore. I just read the post about your migraines. My mom had them quite often for several years and now she rarely has them. She ended up going to the Chiropractor, not sure if that is something you believe in or not. Also, I believe that your hormones have a huge effect on your body. (most doctors don't resort to that, they always try and fix the problem with other meds, which end up causing more problems, trust me, I had to go to over 6 different dr's before someone finally agreed with me on this matter) Anyways, hopefully you'll get things figured out. Check out my blog if you want. ashnmike.blogspot.com I'd like to hear from ya! Bytheway, your kids are ADORABLE!!

Amanda said...

I am so glad the doc cleared things up for you, way to be vigilant. I hope she is al taken care of and needs no further "stuff" done to her.

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness - what a great DR! I am glad to hear there is someone so great there to take care of your babies!
I also pray that everything will go great at the Neurologist and you can get back to baby making:)
I have never found anything that helps... It can be so frustrating hu! sometimes when it gets really bad J gets scared and thinks maybe my anurysm has burst. hasn't happened yet though!

cammac said...

Oh Nikki! I've been meaning to comment forever, but our internet has been retarded! Anyway, I have been praying for you guys! I'm so glad your doctor was able to talk to you. Oh, it is so scary when you don't quite know what is going on. I'm so glad to hear Lilee is in good hands. I hope all goes well! I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines!!!! YUCK!!! Your kiddos are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom! Love, Cam

mshjwj said...

I am so glad that you have closure now. There is nothing worse than wondering. I am glad he is still on the great doctor pedestool I had him on. We will pray for Lilee.