"You have nothing in this world more precious than your children. When you grow old, when your hair turns white and your body grows weary, when you are prone to sit in a rocker and meditate on the things of your life, nothing will be so important as the question of how your children have turned out. It will not be the money you have made. It will not be the cars you have owned. It will not be the large house in which you live. The searing question that will cross your mind again and again will be, How well have my children done?"

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Little Moments...

Life is krazy...it's no more krazy for me than any of you, I'm sure...but it's krazy none the less. My goal this last week was to LIVE in the LITTLE MOMENTS of life. Sounds kinda stupid, but I have found myself spending WAY too much time in a daze. I watch things happen...my kids make me laugh, but I don't LAUGH...not really. But, when they make me upset...boy do I show them THAT!! I've been bitten by the guilt BUG...and bad. Ask anyone close to me and they will tell you that I am the FIRST to admit my faults...believe me, there are a dozen and a half things I need to start working on...like...NOW!! I'm not the wife I'd LIKE to be...boy does Seth know THAT!! :) But more importantly, I'm not the mom I'd LIKE to be. I want to EXPERIENCE my children...every moment, not just watch it all go by. I don't want to regret that I didn't take them here or watch that movie with them or read that book to them or take every opportunity to show them how much I love them. SO, that takes me back to my GOAL...LIVE IN THE LITTLE MOMENTS OF LIFE! Here's what I discovered:

**My heart SMILES when Keaton holds onto my hand AFTER we cross the street...he doesn't HAVE to once we are free from the danger of cars...but he does. He won't forever, I know this. When he realizes it, he quickly lets go and says, "no more hand"...but for those few moments before he notices, I will squeeze his hand a little tighter now.
**scriptures in the morning can make or break my day. It's not a lot right now...but even just 5 minutes makes me a MUCH more loving and easy going mommy.

**It means JUST as much to have a friend think of me and call or write as it does for ME to call or write a friend. The ties I've made in my life extend very far and it's something I pride myself on. Seth tells me that once I call someone a friend, it's for life. I work hard to maintain friendships and it makes me happy to do so. I find peace in catching up and joking about old times.

**Potty training a 2 1/2 year old BOY, who doesn't communicate well, can't pull his underwear UP or DOWN, and doesn't REALLY care if he is wet or dry is difficult...but the rewards, even if not complete success, are amazing. We've spent a LOT of time together this week...we've had to say NO to opportunities to get out of the house...and I really think it's brought Keat and I closer together. His communication has improved SO much this last week. He had a completely DRY couple of days and I truly think we're making progress!! Yeah!!

**The gym IS my friend. I joined a gym this last week. Whoo Hoo!! The last time I worked out at a gym was at NAU with my roommates. We did strength training and I WAY overdid it...and threw up(don't laugh Tiff or Stef...we were ALL dying as I remember it!!). Before that, I hadn't done any real physical activity since freshman PE class!! I was a bit scared, but so far so good!!

**Running on an elliptical for half an hour, sweaty, smelly, and panting...IS sexy...if done with your husband!! I've really enjoyed the time Seth and I have taken to work out together. Not a lot of talking, but just closeness. It's been nice to see each other in a different element...mine being the COMPLETELY out of shape, birthed 3 children, stay at home mom and Seth's being the I play basketball upwards of 3 times a week, been in shape SINCE kindergarten, active man!! It's like my own personal trainer!!:)

**Hearing the first remnants of sentences from your child will make you LAUGH...whether it be because you don't FULLY understand what they are saying, you know what they are TRYING to say, it TRULY is something funny, or you are just so deliriously happy that after 2 1/2 years you are seeing a glimpse into their world...you just LAUGH!!

**Lilee is a very special little girl. I may be a bit partial here, but it's my blog so I'm allowed. All of my children are special, don't get me wrong...but there is just SOMETHING about Lilee that makes people love her. Since she has been born people ALWAYS notice her. At Disneyland where there are CUuuuuuuTE kids ALL OVER the place...people are drawn to HER. They notice HER eyes or HER smile or just SOMETHING...idunno, but every time it happens Seth and I just smile at each other. And we're not talking the young girls that are so smitten with babies they could squeal...we're talking young MEN and BURLY men and moms who are toting 5 children of their own and really probably could puke if they saw another child...but they LOVE HER...and so do we!!!
**Nothing...I repeat NOTHING is better than watching your kids love each other. They really have started to "PLAY" and interact now and I love it! Keat is an AMAZING big brother, and in good little sister form...Lilee is GREAT at annoying Keaton! While he does snap every so often and yell and whine...he usually just takes it and eventually turns it into a game...they are best buddies!!

**Life may not be what you expected or it may be EXACTLY what you always thought it would be...but it is definitely what you make of it. I am learning to prioritize and worry about what I can and set aside what I can't! It's been hard, and I'm not nearly where I should be...I have many things to learn! I am, however, grateful for the opportunity to learn and to progress, and to be better.

As promised...a picture overload!!!
At the Splash Pad one evening. Lilee loves the water!!
We went to the PHX Children's Museum last month...it was awesome!! Keat loved it! We're hoping Grandma gets a membership for Lilee or Keat's birthday this year...wink wink!!:)

After the museum...he just CRASHED on the floor in the hallway...I even almost stepped on him!!
Hard to see it, but it's there...a PONY TAIL!!!
A play date with my roommate from NAU...Lilee and Nathan...they are too cute together!
Keat and Freeman...they were pretty cute together also!!
We went to Friday Night Fun at the PHX zoo a couple weeks ago. They have inflatable water slides and games and activities all evening long. Keat had a BLAST...Lilee enjoyed the water too...Seth and I MELTED!!! The reason they can have water activities after dark is because it's still 110* after dark...ONLY IN ARIZONA!! This is Keat going off the toddler slide...about 10 foot slide!!
Here is the LAME picture of him coming down the BIG slide...you can see JUST how big it is in this picture...it was like 30 feet or something. He climbed up ALL by himself and slid down ALL by himself...even some older kids were backing out once they got to the top...he's our little dare devil!! NO FEAR!!
We need a sign for our front door now that says, "Rock Band Zone"! Seth bought the legendary game for the Wii and it's been a blast!! Here is some of us at the Becker Sunday dinner...rockin' out to who knows what band!!
Amie took vocals, Dan on drums, and Seth with the guitar!
Mandy's friend doin' vocals, Mandy on drums, and me and my BAD posture with the guitar!
Have you EVER seen a funnier picture?! One day during potty training Keat ran out with his Mickey Ears on waving an American Flag...he sure stays true to what's important...The grand 'ol USofA and M*I*C*K*E*Y**M*O*U*S*E!! (Now you have the song in your head, don't ya?)
Two peas in a pod!!
ps. I forgot to mention Lilee's new stats from her *9* month check(actually it was 10 months)
She is a WHOPPING 22 pounds 4 1/2 oz. That's like the 95% in weight!!
Get this...she is 31 inches LOooooooNG!! The nurse said she jumped WAY off her growth curve for length...she's the equivalent of like 130% or something like that!!
WHERE did this kid get her genes?!


Rochelle said...

I love your perspective on your kids. I've been so uptight lately too...must be the heat AND HUMIDITY! I think your post made me realize that I've got some chillin' to do.

Moss Family said...

It looks like you are doing fabulous! I miss you...we really need to set up another time to see each other. When the weather cools down we could for sure go to the zoo! I love your "live in the moment" finds...all so cute!

Amie said...

Awww Nikki! We could all learn from your fabulous week of growth. I would 100% agree that I need to live more in the moment. Life has seemed so hectic since we had Aaron...and he's such a good baby! What gives? You had some quotable quotes in this post! Sheesh, you have a way with words. Great journal entry for the years ahead. I loved all the cute pics, well except the one with me in it. It makes me realize how badly I need to drop those last baby pounds when I see pictures of myself! Which is kind of a catch 22, I feel like I could live "more in the moment" if I wasn't so obsessed with going to the gym all the time. Ahhhh...

Bekah said...

It is so true you just have to keep reminding yourself to live in the moment. I know I have to remind myself.

I love Lilee's ponytail! Good luck with they potty training!

kimber said...

Thanks for reminding us all to stop and live in the little moments of life. I know I can do better.
I agree that there's nothing better than watching your 2 little ones play together and be so loving, it's priceless. (and certainly doesn't last long enough)

Francis said...

I love updates and I love the pictures. You're being too hard on yourself though. You're doing great as a mom. Your kids are just adorable. Next time you're in Mesa, let me know. It would be great to see you again.

Elise&Dan said...

You are right about the little moments. I also need to learn not to sweat the small stuff. I think that would help me live in the moment more. I think I will go hug my kids now! thanks for the realistic, sweet post!

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

LOVED your post! You are such a good example!. I feel like I lay down every night thinking,"Wow, I needed to be a better mom today. I shouldn't have gotten mad at this, or I should have paid more attention to that, etc." I know that I am going to blink and my children will be grown and gone! So I need to relish the small moments more! Thanks for such a good reminder :)

Donna said...

I swear Nikki you seem to say all the right things at all the right times for me...THANKS!!!!!

Amanda Cross said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Im glad that you blog stalked me and found me.... :) Hope all is well!

Ren & Anna said...

Lilee is your little mini-me. She's adorable!! It's hard work to try to live in the moment. I am so task oriented that I sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) forget that. I'm scared of how I'll be with kids. haha!!

meagan said...

Great suggestion to treasure the little things. It was fun to catch up on your blog too- congrats for your husbands new job, I am glad everything worked out. The PHX Children's museum looks like great fun.